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Essex, Massachusetts

Essex Massachusetts is located thirty three miles northeast of Boston and is bordered by Hamilton, Manchester-by-the-Sea, Gloucester and Ipswich.

Essex is a rural community with forests, wetlands and open spaces. You will find a variety of reservations, wildlife refuge and wildlife management areas. In addition to these peaceful and tranquil portions of the town, you will also find that Essex offers a variety of restaurants and dining, shops and boutiques and historical museum as well as recreational areas.

Shipbuilding was once the prosperous trade and accounted for most of the revenue for the town as they were a leading supplier of the "schooner" a very popular boat for the Atlantic fishing communities. Though most fishermen have moved on to powered vessels, The Essex Shipbuilding Museum still boasts of the wooden shipbuilding industry and The Story Family who owns and operates the nearby boat yard still constructs and launches wooden ship built to tradition.

Today the main sources of income for Essex are the shellfish and tourism industry. Tourists are mainly drawn by the restaurants and it is said that the "fried Clam" was invented in Essex. Other popular attractions to Essex would be the Essex River for cruises, charters and fishing, touring or kayaking, Chebacco Lake and touring Choate Island. The antique shops are abundant and offer a fine day of shopping. The Cape Ann Golf Course and Essex Bay Sailing Club also offer an enjoyable opportunity in a tranquil setting.

The Essex School System consists of Essex Elementary School offering Pre-kindergarten through fifth grade. The middle and high school classes are served through the Manchester Essex Regional School District in Manchester Massachusetts.

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